DesignConnector stands for ‘Building bridges between industry & design’, with a focus on matchmaking, recruitment & consultancy. And yes, the quality of the connections is the key to quality per se.

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As Eames says,

eventually everything connects, people, ideas and objects.
The quality of the connections, is the key to quality per se.



Are you looking for the right person for a specific role, for a short period or for an indefinite period? If so, recruitment via DesignConnector is a good approach.

Understanding the industry and knowing the key players, including a huge network of candidates, are the base for successful recruitment.

To make this happen, DesignConnector has joined forces with the professionals of creatieven.com / searchco.nl. Together we operate a large and active network, that specifically focuses on knowledge and skills for recruitment & selection, secondment and strategic advice.


Guus van Maarschalkerweerd
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Sometimes that one specific feeling or the right contact can be the decisive factor for the success of your project. DesignConnector takes these moments very seriously. Everything starts with the right connection: between idea and implementation; between designer and manufacturer or between the brand and the market. Moreover, DesignConnector has the right connections that enables you to get connected.

In my case, this is working with the creative industry, with architects, interior decorators, designers and illustrators, link the endless possibilities of this industry to the needs of manufacturers, labels and service providers. We can help take a product, or concept, to a manufacturer, all the way through to signing a license agreement with the designer. The same is true in reverse, we can introduce the business world to the creative industry. To jointly build a brand, develop a product or service, to open the door for an architect or interior designer, or simply share each other’s knowledge and skills.

I have gained extensive experience at home and abroad working with high profile manufacturers and brands, including Vitra, Ahrend, Lensvelt & Moooi, as well as collaborating intensively with the creative industry.

Maybe you are looking for the right designer for your new product, or you want to approach a designer to discuss your product portfolio?
DesignConnector can connect you to the right professional. The other way around, DesignConnector can pave the way, so you can take your design to the right label/manufacturer. DesignConnector takes care of the legal/financial side too; royalty agreements included.


In 2017, DesignConnector, initiated, together with Jeroen van Oostveen, CEO Materialdistrict.com, a new Award concept, creativeheroesaward.com. We focus on the creative minds, the people behind great concepts & ideas. Impact is the key word. Who do make the world a better, more caring, beautiful place; elevating creative minds!


DesignConnector likes to stay in touch and wants to ‘write’ your story together with you.

For example, Interface recently commissioned DesignConnector to assist in the preparation of the right message and to develop ways to approach the creative industry; top end architects and interior designers.


Eventually everything connects, people, ideas and objects.

Charles Eames